May 11, 2010

Gender Roles in the Hispanic Culture

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Establishing gender roles with a child in the Hispanic culture starts when the child is young.  In infancy, little girls are always dressed in pink, whereas little boys are always dressed in blue.  “There are three gender-specific scripts that are part of the traditional Hispanic experience. These include; marianismo (female self-sacrifice), hembrismo (femaleness), and machismo (male self-respect and responsibility)” (Ruiz, E, 2005).  Machismo defines behaviors that men are taught to adhere to like, being dominant and independent.  The machismo role views the man as being in charge of the family.

The two female roles differ in many ways.  Marianismo defines behaviors of women as being submissive and dependent.  The marianismo role stresses the importance caring for their children.  The Hembrismo role focuses on a female’s strength to persevere through life’s obstacles. Because it is important for Hispanic woman to have a family, the Hembrismo role is not as accepted with many Hispanics.  Hispanic parents teach boys to work hard and are educated on the importance of providing for their family when they grow up.  Girls on the other hand, learn feminine traits and are taught the importance having children when they grow up where their role changes to being a mother.


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